Dave Hormuth

Dave Hormuth (Guitar and Vocals) – Founding member of the Loops, Dave Hormuth was swept up in the original tide of “Henlemania” that followed the band’s meteoric rise to stardom. Fame has its price, however, and Dave soon tired of the endless stream of loose women, free newspapers and complementary continental breakfasts.

An unfortunate encounter with Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos convinced Dave that the spotlight was too bright, and he grew ever more reclusive in the years that followed. Rumors persisted that Dave was splitting his time between Marlon Brando’s private island and a hypoallergenic penthouse suite atop a Las Vegas casino. Actual Dave sightings were rare, though, as he only emerged from seclusion to perform an occasional coronary bypass.

Fans can rejoice, however, as the years of isolation have left Dave refreshed and slightly pale. He has a new found energy for the band, and Loops fans across the county can look forward to his triumphant return.

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