Henle And The Loops

Always Playin' For The Cause!

Henle And The Loops is a funk and soul band formed in 2004 for the purpose of assisting charitable organizations in fundraising efforts.


Henle and the Loops is a collection of lost souls who were looking for make the world a better place and provide a more meaningful life for themselves and those they love. Such lofty goals proved elusive, though, so instead they formed a band.

Henle and the Loops made its first public appearance in August 2004 at the first-annual “Boonestock” music festival. Appearing with four other bands, Henle and the Loops helped raise funds for the Kids First Foundation.  Since that time the band has performed in many venues for a number of worthy charities in central indiana.  The band does not accept payment for performances but donates all funds to charity.

What's in a name?  Two of the band’s founding members are nephrologists, physicians who specialize in treating kidney disease.The kidney includes a tubule called the Loop of Henle, which provides blood filtration.  Interestingly, the band's original and only name, Henle And The Loops, was coined by the bands bass player.... a LAWYER!

Always Playin' For The Cause!!